nieuwe sporten op olympische spelen

These are the 5 new sports at the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games offer a lot of entertainment with old and familiar sports, but in the summer of 2021 there will be even more to enjoy. Five spectacular sports make their debut in Tokyo. We present them to you here.

Olympic karate

1. Karate

It really is something special. Karate will make its debut as an Olympic sport in Japan, the country were it originated from. This martial art is part of the Olympic program for the first time, in the country of its roots.

Many martial arts have been present at the Olympic Games, such as judo and wrestling. But karate also gets to have this honor. Both men and women will show their skills at Nippon Budokan, where the first Karate World Championship was held in 1970.

The circle is round. Japan can once again show its martial art to the world and compete with other countries.

Olympic karate

2.3×3 basketball

Basketball has been a regular feature of the Olympic Games since 1936. But in addition to the standard form with five players against five, three against three will also be played in 2021. This form of basketball has long been played on the streets and in gyms around the world, but is now ready for the highest stage.

3×3 basketball is a fast and spectacular sport. Teams of three players compete on a half-court in a ten-minute game. The game goes back and forward quickly and many points are scored. That will be a good show for the fans in the stadiums in Japan!

Olympic Skateboarding Tickets

3. Skateboarding

From the street to the Olympics: skateboarding will be there in Tokyo in 2021. This sport is divided into two disciplines; street and park.

On the street, skateboarders ride on stairs, railings, benches, walls and ramps. In each round, participants have 45 seconds to do five tricks. They are judged by a jury and receive a mark from zero to ten.

In the “park” section, participants jump into the bowl. They perform tricks in the air, from flips and rotations to grabbing the deck in the air. It will be a spectacular sight to see the skateboarders grinding their way to the medals.

Olympic Skateboarding Tickets

4. Climbing

Forty professional climbers will compete in Olympic climbing. This new sport at the Olympic Games will be organized in the Aomi Urban Sports Park and consists of three events.

“Bouldering” involves climbing a short route, not high above the ground, but without a rope or safety harness. “Speed” is simply about who is at the top first. And in “lead climbing”, one athlete leads a group. The winner is determined based on performance in all three parts together.

Olympic climbing
Olympic surfing

5. Surfing

Off the coast of Japan, in front of the beach of Ichinomiya, twenty men and twenty women will soon be ready to catch the biggest wave. They take turns jumping on their shortboard to ride the sea as gracefully as possible.

As with skateboarding, a jury judges how the athletes are performing. They mainly look at the difficulty of the maneuvers, the speed, the power and the flow.

They have to wait an extra year for their Olympic debut, but the surfers are patiently hanging loose untill the summer of 2021.

Olympic surfing

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