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Antwerp, the city of historical splendour, diamonds, delectable food and always alive with culture and activities. A city where the mix of history and modernity creates a captivating experience. From a once in a lifetime experience at Tomorrowland to the iconic football club Royal Antwerp, Antwerp offers a rich variety of discoveries that will make your city break unforgettable.

Antwerp is a city perfect for strolling along its cobbled streets or exploring by bike, while its well-developed public transport system guides you effortlessly around the city. Explore the scheduled events in Belgium’s diamond city and be enchanted by Antwerp’s unique charm!


Ticking off a bucket list item during your adventure in Antwerp? A visit to the world-famous Tomorrowland! This spectacular event, held on the fairytale-like grounds in Boom, brings an unparalleled combination of music, magic and revelry. The atmosphere is enchanting, the festival-goers are ready to party and the performances are bursting with energy. Immerse yourself in the excitement of Tomorrowland and experience the unique atmosphere this festival creates in the world of electronic music!

Tomorrowland has welcomed some of the world’s biggest DJs and artists over the years, making it a magnet for electronic music lovers around the world. Get carried away by the mesmerising beats and unique festival vibe that make Tomorrowland a must-see event in the festival world.

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Royal Antwerp FC

An unforgettable addition to your adventure in Belgium? A match of Royal Antwerp FC! Based in the historic Bosuilstadion, this club brings an extraordinary mix of tradition and passion. The atmosphere is vibrant, the supporters are passionate and the matches are steeped in emotion. Immerse yourself in the excitement of football at Royal Antwerp and experience the unique energy this club brings to the city!

Over the years, Royal Antwerp FC has produced some football icons who have captured the hearts of fans. Think of club legends such as Vic Mees, a Belgian striker who left his mark on the club’s glory years. Or Jean Dockx, the defender who led Royal Antwerp to successes and is remembered as one of the greatest in club history. Immerse yourself in Royal Antwerp FC’s rich history and remarkable heritage.

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But a city break to Antwerp offers more than football and festivals. Immerse yourself in the city’s rich history with a visit to the impressive Museum aan de Stroom (MAS) and enjoy breathtaking views of the city from the Cathedral of Our Lady. Sample delicious Flemish cuisine in the cosy restaurants and take leisurely strolls through the city’s atmospheric neighbourhoods.

De Keyserlei

Stroll through the lively streets of De Keyserlei, a historic shopping street that crosses the bustling heart of the city. Be enchanted by the diverse architecture, admire the magnificent Boerentoren tower and discover local markets where the smell of chocolate and waffles tickle your senses.

Grand Place

Visit the iconic Grote Markt square, surrounded by beautiful guild houses steeped in history. The impressive city hall, with its striking tower, is an architectural highlight that attracts attention. Discover the hidden stories of this historic square while enjoying a Belgian beer on one of the cosy terraces.

Antwerp offers a captivating mix of historical sights and local charm. A must-visit for lovers of diamonds and culture who want to enjoy the authentic atmosphere of this beautiful Belgian city.

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