Six Nations Wales vs. England

England and Wales at the Six Nations 2022

The historic battle between England and Wales at the Six Nations 2022

Our Six Nations 2022 tickets are live, so the countdown can begin. We look forward to cheering for the best rugby teams from the stands again. We can get ready for a nice tournament, because there’s a lot at stake in the upcoming Six Nations. England and Wales are going to have a historic battle. This is why:

England vs. Wales Six Nations
Six Nations England vs. Wales

England holds all the records

England has won the Six Nations the most times, who would have thought differently? The homeland of rugby captured the title no fewer than 29 times. No other country managed to come out as the best team in this prestigious rugby tournament so many times.

Thirteen times England won the Six Nations with a Grand Slam, which means that the ‘Red Rose’ did not lose a single match during those editions. This makes England the record holder with the most titles and Grand Slams in the Six Nations. Impressive, but the record is in danger.

Six Nations England vs. Wales

Wales chasing England’s records

This is why the next Six Nations is going to be so decisive: Wales have only one title less than England. Winning the 2021 edition has given the Welshmen the title record in reach. If Wales manages to win the 2022 Six Nations again, it will be next to England at the top. The English will do everything they can to prevent that, so it promises to be an exciting battle from February 5 to March 19 2022.

Also looking at the Grand Slams, Wales has the chance to equal England. The Red Dragons have twelve Grand Slams to their name, one less than their rivals. If Wales play a clear tournament next year and win everything, it will join England as the record holder in terms of titles and Grand Slams. The champions of Wales from last year may be able to live up to those expectations. Last season they beat England by large numbers (40-24), but the English will not let that happen again so easily. Their record and honor is at stake next year!

Wales vs. England Six Nations

Experience the Six Nations 2022 live

Do you want to experience the exciting battle between England and Wales up close? You can! Our tickets for all Six Nations matches are available now. Tickets for England – Wales can be found here. This top match is scheduled for Saturday, February 26 2022 in London. Put that date in your agenda and book your all-inclusive trip through P1 Travel. You don’t want to miss this!


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