Formula 1 2022

This is new in Formula 1 in 2021

This is new in Formula 1 in 2021

There is a spectacular Formula 1 year ahead of us with no fewer than 23 races. The upcoming season will be shaped with new rules, new teams and new names. This is what’s changing in Formula 1 in 2021.

F1 2021

The new Formula 1 rules

The biggest change in the rules is the introduction of a budget. Teams can spend a maximum of one hundred and twenty million euros on their cars. This is not a drastic measure for the smaller teams. Rather a favorable one, because it reduces the differences between the teams.

It is a big cut for the top teams. They will have to think more carefully about which adjustments they will or will not make.

Little will be changed on the cars themselves compared to last year. The announced facelift has been postponed to 2022 due to corona.

F1 2021

Reducing the downforce

There will certainly be a number of changes to reduce the downforce, which decreases the pressure on the tires of Pirelli, that had to endure a lot last season.

The downforce is reduced by limiting aerodynamic adjustments, adjusting the floor and adjusting the rear diffuser. An advantage: the car may be three kilos heavier this year, which can be positive for the engine and the choice of materials.

Teams can no longer copy how others deal with these changes. It is always possible to observe with the naked eye, but it is no longer allowed to measure and analyze competing teams.

Keeping the secrets behind closed doors can make the competition betweet the teams even more exciting!

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Sergio Perez Red Bull

New teams

The team layouts for 2021 are quite mixed up. For example, Max Verstappen gets Sergio Pérez next to him this season. With this, the Dutchman hopes to have found a teammate with whom he can increase the pressure on Mercedes.

McLaren has also brought in a new driver: no one other than the always smiling Daniel Ricciardo. Together with Lando Norris, he is one of the favorite F1 drivers of the public, thanks to his charming appearance.

Fernando Alonso is making his third comeback this year under the wing of Alpine, formerly Renault. The Spaniard feels he has to take revanche after his disappointing final season in 2018. That sounds promosing!

There will also be new names on the grid next year. For example, AlphaTauri will present the Japanese Yuki Tsunoda and Haas has created a whole new team with Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher. The latter is a son of the legendary Michael Schumacher. Can he handle the pressure of this promising surname?

Sergio Perez Red Bull

Changes in the constructor teams

This year there are two new names on the manufacturers list. Renault continues under the name Alpine. Not totally new, because the French manufacturer is also active in other branches of the racing world, such as the World Endurance Championship.

Racing Point leaves the pink cars behind and continues as Aston Martin, which makes its entrance in green. Aston Martin will remain with the team for the next ten years. This partnership will make the budget grow to optimize the work. Will this be reflected in the results in 2021?

Overall, it’s going to be a great racing year, in which Lewis Hamilton will defend his title and try to capture the record for the most titles. He is closely followed by his competitors, who want to wear the crown. The battle starts with the first race on Sunday 28 March: the Bahrain GP.

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