Rugby World Cup Tickets

Rugby World Cup 2023 Fixtures

RWC 2023 Fixtures

The Rugby World Cup Fixtures are announced! On this page we give you an overview of the dates of all matches and you can immediately request ticket-inclusive travel packages for your favourite match.

Rugby World Cup 2023 kicks off on 8 September 2023 with a spectacular opening match between host country France and title contender New Zealand in Stade de France. The pool phase ends on 8 October. The numbers one and two from the pools go on to the knockout phase, which starts with the quarter-finals on 14 October. The final of the tournament is scheduled on 28 October in Stade de France.

South Africa, the current world champion, will play the most exciting match of their pool against Ireland on 23 September. England, the losing finalist of 2019, starts the tournament against Argentina on 9 September.

Rugby World Cup Tickets
New Zealand Rugby World Cup Tickets

Pool A schedule

08-09-2023 France v New Zealand Saint-Denis view packages
17-09-2023 Italy v Africa 1 Saint-Entienne view packages
14-09-2023 France v Uruguay Lille view packages
15-09-2023 New Zealand v Africa 1 Toulouse view packages
20-09-2023 Italy v Uruguay Nice view packages
21-09-2023 France v Africa 1 Marseille view packages
27-09-2023 Uruguay v Africa 1 Lyon view packages
29-09-2023 New Zealand v Italy Lyon view packages
05-10-2023 New Zealand v Uruguay Lyon view packages
05-10-2023 France v Italy Lyon view packages
New Zealand Rugby World Cup Tickets

Pool B schedule

09-09-2023 Ireland v Spain Bordeaux view packages
10-09-2023 South Africa v Scotland Marseille view packages
16-09-2023 Ireland v Asia/Pacific 1 Nantes view packages
17-09-2023 South Africa v Spain Bordeaux view packages
23-09-2023 South Africa v Ireland Saint-Denis view packages
24-09-2023 Scotland v Asia/Pacific 1 Nice view packages
30-09-2023 Scotland v Spain Lille view packages
01-10-2023 South Africa v Asia/Pacific 1 Marseille view packages
07-10-2023 Ireland v Scotland Saint-Denis view packages
08-10-2023 Asia/Pacific 1 v Spain Lille view packages
Rugby World Cup 2023 Tickets
Rugby World Cup 2023

Pool C schedule

09-09-2023 Australia v Georgia Saint-Denis view packages
10-09-2023 Wales v Fiji Bordeaux view packages
16-09-2023 Wales v QF Winner Nice view packages
17-09-2023 Australia v Fiji Saint-Entienne view packages
23-09-2023 Georgia v QF Winner Toulouse view packages
24-09-2023 Wales v Australia Lyon view packages
30-09-2023 Fiji v Georgia Bordeaux view packages
01-10-2023 Australia v QF Winner Saint-Entienne view packages
07-10-2023 Wales v Georgia Nantes view packages
08-10-2023 Fiji v QF Winner Toulouse view packages
Rugby World Cup 2023

Pool D schedule

09-09-2023 England v Argentina Marseille view packages
10-09-2023 Japan v Americas 2 Toulouse view packages
16-09-2023 Samoa v Americas 2 Bordeaux view packages
17-09-2023 England v Japan Nice view packages
22-09-2023 Argentina v Samoa Saint-Entienne view packages
23-09-2023 England v Americas 2 Lille view packages
28-09-2023 Japan v Samoa Toulouse view packages
30-09-2023 Argentina v Americas 2 Nantes view packages
07-10-2023 England v Samoa Lille view packages
08-10-2023 Japan v Argentina Nantes view packages
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    Rugby World Cup 2023 Fixtures