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Football trip to London

The ultimate football trip to London

Take your chance and visit a football match in London! Whether you are a fanatic supporter of a certain club, just love the English football atmosphere or enjoy the game with friends. We have something for every supporter. There are 15-18 professional football clubs playing in London each season, 7 of which are in the Premier League: Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, West Ham, Watford, Brentford and Crystal Palace.

Do you know the feeling? The moment you walk into the stadium. The moment you cheer with everyone. The moment of being together. This is where we live for!

What stadiums can you visit in London?
Standard or Luxury tickets? We have it!
Pre-fun before the game
To do in London checklist
Visit your favourite London club!

What stadiums can you visit in London?

You have quite a bit of choice if you’re planning a football trip to London and you’ve definitely come to the right place. We’ve listed 5 wonderful stadiums here that are absolutely worth a visit:

Stamford Bridge – Chelsea
Stamford Bridge can be found in Fulham. Adjacent to the Chelsea district and built in 1877. About 42 thousand spectators can watch in the stands of the beautiful stadium. Today, Chelsea supporters consider Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United and Manchester United as their biggest rivals.

Emirates Stadium – Arsenal
Emirates Stadium can be found on Ashburton Grove in the Islington district. Since 2006, Arsenal have played their home games here, with Arsenal vs Ajax as the first match. Ashburton Grove was initially going to be the name of the stadium, but due to the sponsorship of the airline Emirates, the name became: Emirates Stadium. The stadium offers just over 60 thousand seats. An impressive gigantic stadium!

London Stadium – West Ham United
London Stadium can be found in Stratford. The stadium where the club has played home games since 2016. At West Ham United, the thoughts immediately go to the world-famous club song: ‘I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles’. Fans of the Hammers have built a reputation of fanatical supporters. You will always experience an impressive atmosphere at the London Stadium with around 60 thousand seats.

Selhurst Park Stadium – Crystal Palace
The stadium was built in 1924 and is located in Selhurst, in south London. A mix of old and modern makes this stadium authentic. The stadium offers about 25 thousand seats. You will always have an unforgettable experience at Selhurst Park Stadium!

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – Tottenham Hotspur
In the Tottenham district, in the north of London, you can find the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The club has been playing in this hypermodern stadium since 2019, which can accommodate around 62 thousand supporters. The North London derby is the name of the local football rivalry in England between Arsenal and Spurs. A competition experience to be dreaming about attending!

West Ham United stadium

Standard or Luxury tickets? We have it!

A football trip to London is quite an experience. Every stadium and club is unique and tells its own story. For example, you can expect a stadium full of bubbles in the London Stadium of West Ham United or get goosebumps from a thrilling London derby!

Shout and sing your team to victory. Go for a single ticket and cheer together with the fanatical supporters. We also have a huge range of extras and we love that! Go for one of the hospitality tickets and come and eat an excellent three-course dinner before kick-off. Sit like a king or queen on the most comfortable VIP seats and linger at the open bar. Check: Chelsea – Museum Package or West Ham United – Great Britain all-inclusive tickets. We arrange everything, so that you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. A super deal so score your unforgettable football trip to London today!

West Ham United stadium

Pre-fun before the game

Your football trip to London can’t start without some preparations. You have chosen your match and booked your tickets. Now the fun can really start! Of course you have your outfit ready and have secretly tried it on for three days! By email you will receive your e-tickets, any hotel voucher and tips on how to get to the stadium. Check out the local iconic football pubs where you can get into the English football atmosphere beforehand. If not? Don’t worry: here are a few tips: Greenwood (our favorite!), The Ship, The Pavilion End, World’s End, Dickens Inn, Old Dispensary.

There are a lot of options to travel to London. Are you going by car, public transport or by plane? Whatever you choose, this is where your unforgettable trip to London begins.

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To do in London checklist

There you are, in London. You have planned free time, but what now? Don’t worry: we’ve got your back! Complete your football trip to London with this golden checklist.


1. Beers!

A trip to London without a few beers is impossible to imagine. Visit football pubs, such as Greenwood, or schedule a beer tasting. Fact: did you know that in the stadium of Tottenham Hotspur up to 10,000 beers per minute can be poured?

2. Stadium tour or visit a museum

As a real football supporter, this is high on your checklist: a stadium tour. A full football trip to London can’t be had without a stadium tour. See the beautiful Stamford Bridge Stadium (Chelsea), Emirates Stadium (Arsenal), Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (Tottenham) or London Stadium (West Ham United). Check if a stadium tour is included in your hospitality ticket. Undoubtedly an experience you don’t want to miss!

In addition to the incredibly cool stadium tours, you can also go to a museum. Most museums in London are free, for example, pay a visit to the iconic National Gallery museum. Skip the line and plan your visit online.

3. Shopping in London

Are you going on a football trip to London with your girlfriend, wife or fashion queen/king? Then this should also be on your list. What London is known for are the high streets. Feast your eyes on Harrods, one of the largest department stores in the world! After you’ve been, they’ll be happy too. Check!

4. Sightseeing

Seeking culture, but don’t feel like walking around for hours? Take a boat trip on the Thames. A relaxed way to do a round of London. Drink in your hand and let’s go!

5. Food hotspots

We all have to eat and drink. Look for nice pubs, gastrobars and/or restaurants in advance and make them a favorite in your Google Maps. This way you’ll always know how to find your way to the best places!

6. Pub-crawling

A pub crawl, always a good idea. Look at the different routes and deals in advance. This is a nice list to start with!

7. After the game...

Win or not, we always review the game afterwards. A beer with it can of course not be missed.

Visit your favourite London club!

Complete your trip to London with a Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, Crystal Palace or West Ham United match. Whichever match you choose, you can be sure of an unforgettable experience!

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